“What about the Jews?”

As ever, some people have taken the latest Islamic massacre (the one in France, not the one in Nigeria) as an opportunity to compare the actions of Islamic terrorists with the actions of the Israeli Army in Palestine. Why, they ask, should European Muslims be expected to distance themselves from The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, any more than European Jews should distance themselves from Israel? Here’s why: The actions of the terrorists and of the Islamic State are entirely consistent with Islam. The actions of the Israeli Army and the Jewish State are entirely consistent with the actions of nation states.

Deliberately killing innocent people is a problem when anybody does it. Shooting back at people who are shooting at you seems only to be a problem when Israel does it. If Israel were Turkey, there wouldn’t be any non-Jews in the area that would be the area formerly known as Palestine. If Israel were Germany, or France, or China, well, the reader can guess based on history. If Israel were the US, maybe the Palestinians would have a profitable gambling concession in Gaza.