and its contrary

Saint Francis de Sales explains “Blessed are the poor in spirit:”

“He uses the metaphor of the chemist, who stocks many poisons on his shelves, but not in his body. Each has a purpose, not poisonous in itself, yet which can be turned against its purpose. It is not material wealth that makes us ‘rich in spirit,’ and therefore damnable in some way. It is the ingestion of that wealth into the spirit. Those who are poor, and covet such a wealth, are rich in spirit. As well: those who make a virtue of their wealth, and the risks they have taken to obtain it, until they become insensible to their fever, and to the rapacity with which they commandeer what justly belongs to others. As well: those too distressed by what they have lost, in a season when they lose their old possessions. For everything we have here is only for a time.” — Of halcyon nests, by David Warren

Also, the halcyon is a bird.