Not very liberal

“When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”

This is quoted by Ben Domenech in The End of Tolerance And Enforced Morality. He got it from Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune where it is attributed to Louis Veuillot. My French isn’t good enough to be sure, but it sounds like Veuillot didn’t actually say “Quand je suis le plus faible, je vous demande la liberté parce que tel est votre principe ; mais quand je suis le plus fort, je vous l’ôte, parce que tel est le mien.” Anyway, it’s certainly a timely remark, and it explains some political affinities that seem contrary to stated principles.

For the left, things like free speech are vehicles. Tolerance is a bus; when it has taken the liberal where he wanted to go, he gets off. It’s not very liberal, but that the left are “liberals” is simply a lie like so many others. They were, and they remain, totalitarians.


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