Not a good idea

In fact, the part I bolded seems like an astonishingly bad idea:

“Sullivan spoke with multiple consumers who’d seen their Starbucks card balances emptied and then topped up again.

Those customers had all chosen to tie their debit accounts to their Starbucks cards and mobile phones.”

It seems like if someone is going to link his Starbucks card, checking account, and mobile phone, he might as well just put them all in a bag and hang it on a hook just outside his back door.

3 Replies to “Not a good idea”

  1. I had to spend at least half an hour on the phone to disable the “pay with your cellphone number” charge thing on my parents’ account. Worth it.

    No idea WHY there is a demand for “swipe your card over the check-out” payment options, either.

  2. My kids mostly use all cards all the time. I use credit cards for gas and biggish restaurant bills. I used cash for everything else. I try to avoid ever using a debit card.

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