There’s a federal program called “Secure Communities”

It works about like you would think

This is a damning report if you read it, though I am of course a hateful xenophobic bigot for pointing that out.

It is utterly wrong that the people responsible for the state of affairs that made this murder more likely, will themselves never be held to account. It’s a continuing failure of our society that the voters keep electing to office basically those same people.

UPDATE 4 July 2015: Why the pro-illegal lobby owns Wednesday’s murder in San Francisco, by J.E. Dyer


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  1. That report is weak at best. Since they give no reason for the shooting we can only speculate on the cause. Perhaps the suspect is crazy, but not all crazy people are violent. Does he have a history of violence? Unknown, but he does have a history of drug related arrests, which obviously means he’s a crazed psychopath, or so some would have you believe. Perhaps he is a very bad at smuggling drugs and he expects his employer to execute him if he ever returns to Mexico. If that is the case then perhaps he was looking to commit a crime that would ensure his being held in a US jail. Murder would fit the bill.

    1. No, they don’t report anything about his motivation. I’m not sure how relevant it is. Maybe it’s a case of mistaken identity, and the guy they arrested isn’t the shooter. Assume for the sake of argument that he’s innocent of murder.

      They report he was on probation from Texas, that he’d previously been deported five times, and had seven felony convictions. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had him in custody, and gave him to the San Francisco Police Department, because they wanted him on a drug charge, and asked that they hold on to him or let ICE know if he was to be released. For whatever reason, the SFPD did not do that, says ICE. No doubt the SF has or is crafting its own version of events, but SF and California has been generally unsympathetic to immigration enforcement for some time.

      What this shows is that our leaders are, and have been for years now, unwilling to secure the border. If a man previously deported five times and with seven felony convictions can come here, get arrested, and then be released, there is essentially no enforcement. Anyone coming from Mexico (Mexican or otherwise) can come into the US at will, and stay as long as he likes. The surprising thing is that he ever got arrested at all. But as you speculate, maybe he wanted to be.

      1. SF and California has been generally unsympathetic to immigration enforcement for some time

        There was a family wiped out by a drunk driver illegal that was supposed to be in jail, IIRC. Hit the national news, even.

    1. Breitbart needs to get a handle on its reporting if it wants to be a legitimate news organization. it’s contrary to the US Journalists’ and Editors’ Code to ever let the phrase “killed by an illegal alien” appear in print.

      1. They’re already sunk, they report waaaaay too many things outside of the narrative– the go-to place when a big story doesn’t fit what the news is selling.

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