The clock

This Is Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock.” The boy didn’t build a clock, he took a clock apart, wired it up, and then put it in a box. There is no way a reasonable person would think this was merely an innocent electronics project.

UPDATE 19 September 2015: Says Jerry Pournelle, “There was no reason to handcuff him, but we had that in Los Angeles 20 years ago: officers had discretion on handcuffing people, and got pummeled because they handcuffed more Blacks and Latinos than White, and the Department took the discretion away: now everybody gets handcuffed, even though the cops find it absurd in many cases. On the other hand, there are plenty of cases where it’s a wise precaution, so if it’s handcuff everyone or handcuff no one, it has to be everyone, absurdities or not. I suspect it’s that way in Texas, too. One of the joys of diversity.”

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  1. I’m somewhere in the middle, here– yes, there’s over-reaction, from what little I can find that’s not informing me of what I should think.

    There’s also the question of what kind of 14 year old decides to bring his digital-clock-taken-apart-and-put-in-a-large-hardback-sized-case* to school, on 9/11, for no official reason, in a box that looks like a Hollywood bomb?
    A pretty normal 14 year old boy who is being a twerp. This is what parents are supposed to look out for– their sons being jerks in ways that could get them hurt.
    It is also possible that he’s just clueless enough to have not even LOOKED at it and gone: “Hey, this looks cool, but it also looks like someone called Central Props Department and asked for a bomb. Possibly it’s a bad idea to bring this to school, on a day when there’s a high level of worry about terrorism. At the very least I should mention it to a teacher or two, it’s cool enough to share with more of the class.” That is also a parents’ job.

    I rather want to snarl about the implication that bombs look a specific way; bombs can look a lot of different ways, and the boy is rather unlikely to be familiar with any of them except for Hollywood.

    *Valtz doesn’t make “children’s” pencil boxes as the link stated; they make rather flashy cases, some of which are for pencils and desk supplies, example:

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