Political violence

It isn’t new, the way BLM deals with free speech. They simply demand it for themselves and deny it to others, using violence and the threat of violence to get their way. This method isn’t irrational either, in the short term, because it gets them what they want. In the longer term, we’ll see. Usually effective strategies become broadly adopted, and it doesn’t seem like any minority would want to see political violence legitimized.


2 Replies to “Political violence”

    1. So they would have us believe. Most people don’t know it, but they’re the real power behind the scenes. Ostensibly boring technocrats, their senior managers are the same shape-shifting lizard-men who put Lenin in power. They’re chosen in this case to appear to work against Donald Trump, but their real goal is not what it seems. Think this is just a research project? Fermi knew – paradoxically.

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