Only Hitler was Hitler

I have no idea who will win, or how good Trump’s chances are, but I agree about the pundit groupthink. And I confess to being amazed at how many people seem to think Trump is Hitler. He’s basically running a 1970s rust-belt Democrat campaign, which is getting traction because in the current economy, a lot more of America feels rust-beltish.

But if Trump is Hitler, it means our elites of politics and journalism rubbed shoulders with Hitler, stayed at his beach place, flew on his jet, and sponsored his TV shows for decades without noticing. Which doesn’t say much for our elites of politics and journalism either.

Like the man says, “Heh.”


2 Replies to “Only Hitler was Hitler”

  1. I followed a couple of links and I found one bit that was kind of interesting, that being the bit about how the only things about Trump being talked about are narrow little points (like the horns on his head) that have already been talked to death, which means that there is a whole bunch of stuff that is not being talked about. Which means we really have no idea what’s going on. At least that’s what I think they were saying.

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