Good advice

Stay with people. Under no circumstances let yourself be taken somewhere, for where you are going has a name. It’s called the “secondary crime scene”, where your worst nightmare will enter your soul. Do NOT get in a vehicle, do NOT walk around the building into the alley, stay where others will see you, if you can’t flee to safety, drop to the ground. Let him PICK your dead weight off of the ground, and if he tries, fight like hell. If he says “don’t scream or I’ll kill you”, he’s probably going to kill you anyway, don’t go out quietly. He doesn’t want to get caught. He LIKES this. Run, crawl out a window, go to lights and others. Make noise. If you are in a car and being followed do NOT drive home, drive to your nearest fire station (staffed 24 hours) or police station (though they may not be open 24 in 7 in all jurisdictions) and start honking your horn. DO NOT get out of your vehicle until the threat is removed. — Fighting for Something – Thoughts on Self Defense, by Brigid


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  1. Shorter from my mom:
    They don’t mean you well. Don’t take their word for it.
    On cars– 24 hour gas stations with a live attendant are nice, mall movie theaters, anyplace that is big, well lit, and has people, especially bored people who are moving around.

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