Managing the decline

It turns out there are two ways to manage human sanitation needs. One is to choose and designate places for people to relieve themselves – basically some variation on the common rest-room-and-flush-toilet system. The other, it appears, is to retrofit deodorizing mechanisms onto areas where people choose to relieve themselves.


3 Replies to “Managing the decline”

  1. Seattle (proper, not the whole area*) is having a similar issue. More so in parks, and it’s got additional issues because the actual restrooms tend to be…um… co-opted.

    *it’s policing related, I think; behave badly enough and they’ll utterly ignore you as a protected class.

      1. Unregistered freelance persons of negotiable virtue are, apparently, not dumb. And the bathrooms are at a minimum out of the wind, and more commonly are actually heated. And usually clean.

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