Crazy, but not merely crazy

“Elwood P. Dowd not only has his invisible friend, the six-foot-tall rabbit named Harvey, but will take you to court unless you shake Harvey’s hand and register Harvey in at the hotel. Harvey must be your friend too, or else. Christian bakers who have retained their hold on reality can tell us what will happen to you if you say, ‘But there is no Harvey here, nor will I pretend that there is.'” — Pronouns, Ordinary People, and the War over Reality, by Anthony Esolen


2 Replies to “Crazy, but not merely crazy”

  1. Anthony supports my war on poetry: “Language is not language unless it is communal, and it cannot be communal unless it can refer, quickly and clearly, to the things in front of our noses: to husbands and wives and hats.”
    But his war against the loonies operating on fringe (but in center of someone’s attention) is going to have to go on without me. Like politics, I ain’t gonna waste no more time on that shit. Sorry, but if the word fits. . .

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