Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize in literature

“It’s a category error, but it’s a category error with an agenda, or at least a skewed and stupid point of view. A Nobel committee that gave Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for being inaugurated while black has confused Things We Like with Things of Greatness. It is the signature mistake of the Baby Boomers.” — Our Culture is Blowin’ Away in the Wind, by Andrew Klavan


2 Replies to “Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize in literature”

  1. I’ve never cared much for poetry, or any great literature for that matter. All the poetry that is supposed to be great is, to me, darn near incomprehensible, boring and/or stupid. I think some people are just in love with words. Words are nice, but they are only useful if they communicate anything to other people. Great literature talks to a tiny subset of the human race. They are welcome to it, but don’t try to tell the rest of us that it’s great because we know it’s just peacock feathers. Dylan is comprehensible. I think Klavan is just jealous that someone popular got chosen over one of his stinky heroes.

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