French people

It seems they are not all alike.

“Zombie Catholics share certain symptoms: Not only do they hail from regions where resistance was greatest to the French Revolution, but they also have taken advantage of the benefits that flowed from that seismic event. Highly educated and meritocratic, they also privilege a traditional ordering of professional and domestic duties between husbands and wives; strong attachment to social, community, and family activities; and a general wariness over the role of the state in private and community affairs, including “free schools” (Catholic private schools). — France’s Zombie Catholics Have Risen – and They’re Voting

3 Replies to “French people”

  1. “they also privilege a traditional ordering” Methinks he is mangling the meaning of ‘privilege’., or maybe he’s just showing off. Or being a jerk. Kind of like those Christians who insist on believing ‘on’ Jesus Christ.

    1. I would say “prefers” instead of “privileges.” I’d also say “are generally wary” instead of “a general wariness,” which would correct a failure of parallelism, and would also avoid nominalizing “wary.” But the author is a professor of history and has a book published; I’m not, and don’t.

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