Four observations

  • No amount of gritty determination will get all of us into the upper half.
  • Sawing an inch off one end and nailing it onto the other does not make the board longer.
  • Some business plans are unsustainable in a democracy.
  • The funny thing about a cargo cult is, sometimes the planes come.

4 Replies to “Four observations”

    1. Well, that may be. Still, in that case the ground control chief hollered into the cocoanut and the sliver bird landed, with spam for everyone.

      I read about a scheme in which the con man mails a yes-or-no prediction to the potential victims. Maybe about a financial event, or a sports pick, but 1024 people get a letter predicting “yes,” 1024 get a “no.” Those who got the wrong prediction never hear any more about it. Of those who got the right call, 512 get another “yes,” and 512 another “no.” The process continues until 64 victims have received five correct in a row. Then they’re invited to subscribe.

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