People differ

“In my Travels, as I walked through many Regions and Countries, it was my chance to happen into that famous Continent of universe; a very large and spacious Country it is…

“The people are not all of one complexion, nor yet of one Language, mode, or way of Religion; but differ as much as (’tis said) do the Planets themselves. Some are right, and some are wrong, even as it happeneth to be in lesser Regions.” — The Holy War, by John Bunyan, 1682

The people differ – well, sure. But “Some are right, and some are wrong?” Isn’t that hate speech?


2 Replies to “People differ”

  1. It might be hate speech if you said it, but you can write whatever you want in private, or in this case under the cloak of fiction.

    Right or wrong can be measured by what you believe. From my point of view, most people are wrong about almost everything, but it does no good to point it out. They will just hate you if you do that. Keep calm and whenever someone says something idiotic, respond with a simple “well, that is certainly an interesting idea”.

    1. That it might be hate speech if I said it, or if I were heard to say it by the wrong person, is a solid point. Who is speaking, and to whom, seems to be central to the idea.

      I do maintain, though, that some actions and some ideas are objectively right and some objectively wrong, Right and wrong don’t inhere in men. I say men are wrong as shorthand to saying their actions or beliefs are wrong. “Païens ont tort et Chrétiens ont droit.”

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