Drug pricing

What you don’t know about that $89,000 drug


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  1. I really like the idea of the FDA just checking for “harm” rather than “function,” myself….

    Yeah, I hate the idea of snake oil. You know why? Because my dad was nearly KILLED by it… in the form of the “nobody needs salt” garbage.
    The standards are for desk jockeys. My dad is a rancher. We were in the high desert. He drank literal GALLONS a day. He needed more than just environmental salt.

    He got heat stroke on the one day he happened to be paying close attention AND right next to civilization, only five miles from town and a half-mile from the ranch house. That almost NEVER happened.

    If it had hit when he was out in Nevada proper? He probably would be dead.

    1. The Pergelator has some observations about this in War On Drugs. He suspects people are “gaming the system in order to maximize their profits.” I suspect that too, and not just of the drug companies.

      There’s an asymmetry in drug approval. If any serious negative side effects turn up after approval, there are Congressional hearings. The FDA gets beaten up for approving the drug; the company gets fined; the trial lawyers profit. But if because of unnecessarily strict standards some drug isn’t available to help someone, nothing much happens to anyone, except the patient.

      Agree about the salt, and the larger point. The US federal government has shown itself to be an untrustworthy source of information about health and diet (among other things…)

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