Female programmers

Why aren’t there more female programmers? There are fewer now than there were thirty years ago, says a respondent.

UPDATE 21 May 2017: About the movie Hidden Figures: “NASA, like all federal agencies, was desegregated in the 1940s.”


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  1. Before reading it, I am going to guess: they didn’t bother to, say, ask the female programmers– not just the ones that are the PR folks, but the ones they had to drag out from programming?

    ‘Cus I know that every other male-dominated field* that they decided to push girls into, they did it by making sure the girls that make it hell for the geeky/techy girls were in there, and not controlling them because that might discourage them.

    And now to go see what it says!

    * I am aware of the history. Including that it became one of the “things smart boys do” juuuust about the time for the grrrl-power junk.

  2. I read somewhere that “computer” used to be a job title, and those computers were often women. It makes sense that many of the first programmers would have been computers.

    Of course if AI takes off, programmers may be computers again, heh. Anyway, it was all before my time. Jerry Pournelle mentions it here, discussing the movie Hidden Figures, which I have not seen.

  3. That’d be the history I mentioned. ;)

    About all I can find is a bunch of complaining about how the shift from data entry to more modern programming the Evil Patriachy forced companies to pay more for guys to do the same job. Because that’s totally why they’d have qualifications before hiring people….

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