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Winkfield sued, but after an independent medical examination, the judge ruled that Jahi was deceased and allowed a death certificate to be issued. He also played Solomon, and worked out a settlement whereby Children’s Hospital transferred Jahi to her relatives while still on life support. We now know, she was moved to New Jersey, where she […]

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  1. Thing that freaks me out is how a lot of reporting on this stuff counts the people who were actively killed– not just removing their air, but removing food and water– as having been dead.

    Look, one of my favorite “uncles” was on air as long as I knew him. He had a rather active life, we named our youngest son in his honor. You take away my food and water, I’ll die, too. My husband’s grandfather had an amazing recovery after more than a decade of gagging food down, because he got food straight to the gut. (When it’s painful and embarrassing to eat, you don’t. Go figure!)

    But “we declared these guys were dead, and when food and water was removed, they died”? Seriously?

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