James Damore interview

Here’s an interview with James Damore, the guy Google recently fired.


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  1. Oh dear, it’s video… That’s never good.

    Not because he’s wrong, but because I got heavy waves of “GEEK” rolling off that, and that tends to mean “really easy to take stuff out of context and maliciously interpret it,” as well as “frequently not charismatic.” (Actually, more like “pisses some folks off just by breathing.”)

    And…yep, mouth hanging open, looks like a fish hit him.

    Major points for only having long pauses, no spacer words. (“uh,” “um,” “like,” “y’know.”)

    I’d love to talk to this kid in person– kid, heh, he’s probably my age, but he’s got a nice chunk of idealism and I think he’d be fun.

    1. “Kid” is what I thought too. His simplicity and directness may help him. He seems straight-forward and sincere.

      1. Sadly, both scream “easy victim” to a lot of the offenders involved– look at that poor rocket scientist guy with the pretty-lady shirt.

    1. I watched an interview he did with a white South African – not sure that counts as normal. I agree he’s a good interviewer.

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