Star Trek

Not a review

We’d been out to dinner, and the pilot of Star Trek: Discovery was well in progress when I turned on the tv. I watched for a couple of minutes and thought, “eh, I’ve seen this one,” and surfed on by. No idea really what it’s about (the exec was hollering at the captain about the pressing need to attack the Klingons) but it seemed predictable and a bit tedious. That’s not fair, of course, since I didn’t actually watch the show. I’ve enjoyed the recent Star Trek movies that I’ve seen, but maybe the franchise has passed me by. I’m sure they’ve got a target demographic, and equally sure it doesn’t include me.


2 Replies to “Star Trek”

  1. You could try The Orville. It’s not technically part of the franchise, but it’s clearly Star Trek. I’ve only seen one episode, but I’ll probably watch another. It seems like Star Trek as a sitcom, sort of.

    I haven’t seen Star Trek Discovery. I’m a combination of suspicious and apathetic.

    1. I’ve seen it advertised, but thought it was some kind of Galaxy-Quest thing. I’ll have a look next time it’s on.

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