Bruce Rauner of Illinois

I will not support this governor for re-election.


2 Replies to “Bruce Rauner of Illinois”

  1. “I tried in the spring, and I’ve tried for months as this bill was debated and ultimately passed, to find common ground with both sides of this issue,” Rauner said. “We were unable to do that. The passions run too deep.”

    There is no common ground on this issue. Search all you like, you will not find any. I suggest building walls to separate the faithful from the heretics.

    1. A cynic would say a wall would only be a solution for a few years. Then would come diplomatic efforts to improve “women’s rights” and access to “healthcare,” trade deals contingent on “human rights,” reductions of foreign aid, sanctions, …

      But I think you’re right. There is no real common ground. Governor Rauner ultimately had to make a choice, and he did.

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