I may have discovered a new micro-aggression. As a man, my overcoat is heavier than some. It’s also larger than some, and so takes up more space. The hangers in the closet at work are cheap plastic, so I use two, compounding the offense. All that’s needed is a compelling name.

It’s surprising to see so many liberals and media figures accused of sexual misconduct. A few weeks ago the media turned on Antifa; that surprised me too.


2 Replies to “Micro-aggression”

  1. If you were female* and also overweight, you could claim the microaggression against yourself as fat-shaming. When they normalize lightweight hangers like that, they’re really sending a hurtful message about your body.

    On the other hand, if you’re a white man, given your position of inherent power, you’re committing the microaggression. This is essentially manspreading in the closet. People can’t feel safe at your workplace when you behave like that.

    From your post, I can’t tell if you’re the victim or the perpetrator, or if you already know the terms. When it’s all made up, it’s so hard to tell.

    *Actual or otherwise

  2. Next to “patriarch” in the dictionary is a picture of a white man with an overcoat. I come in last in the intersectionality sweepstakes.

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