And this sign, which is blank,

is something I am forbidden to say.

The latest thing causing college administrators to lose their minds is an eight-by-ten paper poster that says “it’s okay to be white.”

“The episode is indicative of the efforts white-nationalist groups have made to recruit in and around the nation’s college campuses and other mainstream settings with claims of growing white maltreatment and expanding anti-white discrimination.”

What’s next, blank sheets of paper? They’re white; must be a white supremacist hate poster. People could go to rallys carrying blank posters, just like Hitler. The blank bumper sticker would be just like a swastika, and would get your car vandalized. I myself am covered in blank tattoos, so I must be a fascist.

The cafeteria will need to put more raisins in the rice pudding. One must be so careful these days.


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