From the graphs here it looks like alcohol-related deaths have gone up every year since 2009. The linked author, Spottedtoad” wonders

“if physiologically, Americans are, due to interactions with other drugs compromising their livers and obesity, greater inactivity and general ill-health, less able to metabolize alcohol. To go back to Winston Churchill, perhaps whiskey and cigars were a more sustainable combination than the whiskey and prozac, whiskey and oxycodone, and whiskey and adderall combinations we subsidize now.” — Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?

It’s a good not-too-long read with a lot of data.

3 Replies to “Homeostasis”

  1. A warning on those stats– “alcohol related” is one of those autopsy results that I nolonger trust.

    Relative died young. Initial autopsy: no drugs in system, no alcohol in system, no signs of damage from drugs or alcohol. (first thing they checked, because it can get the cause of death done really quickly; most likely a burst blood vessel but they had to defer it for a more in depth study before official cause of death was listed)

    Several months later. It’s a week before Christmas. They have a backlog of hundreds of autopsies to go through before they’re allowed to go on break until the first week of January. Relative was something like #423.

    The next morning, all of them were done, and gosh they were dang near all complications of extended alcohol abuse!

    Which just happens to also make the county better able to get all kinds of grants to deal with the “crisis.”

    1. I’ve known similar things to happen. “before they’re allowed to go on break” – You get less of what you punish, and more of what you reward. Another instance of behavioral homeostasis?

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