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  1. A lot of it was very silly– my mom’s district had that policy.

    She spent an hour on the bus, each way.

    There was not a single black student in the entire district, because it was very rural Oregon. There were actually less diversity at the high school they sent her to, because they didn’t have any of the Indian families there, and the Spanish and Basque families weren’t at the meets because they were mostly across the border in California…doing sports-meets with the high school she would have logically been sent to, without bussing.

    1. Some towns went from neighborhood schools to attendance centers: K-2 in one building, 3-4 in another, everybody bused across town.

      1. Their grade school was small enough that everyone was already bused halfway across the county just to get there. ;)

        Definitely one of those “city rules” that got silly when you hit the country.

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