Conspiracy theory

So Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, and probably the Bavarian Burgerbilders got together and kicked Alex Jones off the internet. That’s ironic in two ways. So Big Tech conspired to silence Jones – for peddling crazy conspiracy theories. But Jones wasn’t really a conspiracy theorist. Maybe he is now.

Irony aside, this is foolish. Now that Google and all of them have shown that they can kick someone offline, they’ll have to explain why they haven’t kicked X off line. X is an obnoxious idiot; X is a racist homophobe; X is literally Hitler. Why does X still have a weblog, email, phone service, paypall?

Someone a little more to the left is sure to ask.

4 Replies to “Conspiracy theory”

  1. Heh, conspiracy wheels within wheels. But that does make sense. I suppose corporations like this would have first class legal advice, and that would include strategizing possible outcomes. I’ve always thought corporations wouldn’t do anything that was clearly against their economic interest, but I’m not so sure any more.

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