Big tech problems, and Big Tech problems, are limiting what I can do online, but I have a paper copy of Deschooling Society, by Ivan Illich. It’s a mix of acute observation and nonsense, but worth reading.

The views of Anthony Esolen’s father, in Faith, Family, Government, & the Company Store, are almost exactly those of my father.


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  1. I found a copy of DESCHOOLING SOCIETY online which mentions Everett Reimer in the first sentence. Okay, who’s Everett Reimer? So I select the text, right click to select search Google, and I get gobble-de-gook: J0%0$$!?0*:0%K!

    Download this PDF file, upload it to Google Docs, open it, and then open it again, which causes Google to translate it into it’s own format and now I can lookup Everett Reimer.

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