US officials say it’s safe to eat romaine lettuce again.

Well, okay, but they didn’t know it was unsafe before, until a bunch of people got food poisoning. That seems to keep happening every few months. Have things changed so it’s not likely to happen again, or is the strategy to do nothing different, wait for people to get sick, and then have another recall?

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  1. Yes, the recall before this past recall was the last straw for our family. We just don’t eat any greens we don’t grow ourselves unless we’re going to cook them. Until they stop growing leafy greens downhill from the cattle, it’s going to keep happening.

    I need to look into hydroponics or something – whatever would let me grow them year round. Right now, I’ve got about 3 months in the spring and another 2 in the fall if I play my cards right.

    1. Growing up, a friend’s family had a small greenhouse, maybe four feet by eight, with some special lights. It seemed like they mostly had flowers.

      Lately I’ve been eating a lot of sauerkraut.

  2. Short version, the come down like a ton of bricks on the folks who are violating the basic safety standards because they “don’t matter.”

    If I remember the first recall correctly, it was from an animal operation dumping raw runoff water into the clean runoff area.

    There’s actually a couple of different violations that had to pile up before anybody got sick……

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