Willful ignorance of abortion

It’s telling that this is from today’s Washington Post:

“In the case of the Planned Parenthood expose, while there are legitimate questions around the making and editing of the videos, separate from these issues, stark and undeniable facts emerge from the existing footage: Gone is the illusion that these procedures simply and easily melt away a few microscopic cells, mere “products of conception.” Rather, the statements by Planned Parenthood staff and the processes captured in the videos make clear that — whatever the legal, moral or religious status of the fetuses — these are human bodies, whose organs and limbs are not only recognizable but are medically valuable because they are human.

“Is the shock the public is experiencing at the videos because we have been deceived? Or is it because we have chosen to avert our eyes, to embrace willful ignorance? — Is Cecil the lion more devastating than the Planned Parenthood videos?, by Karen Swallow Prior

It’s telling that this is from today’s Washington Post.

In the barn

or in the fire

Says Saint Augustine,

“For there are some whose reason for desiring to become Christians is either that they may gain the favor of men from whom they look for temporal advantages, or that they are reluctant to offend those whom they fear. But these are reprobate; and although the church bears them for a time, as the threshing-floor bears the chaff until the period of winnowing, yet if they fail to amend and begin to be Christians in sincerity in view of the everlasting rest which is to come, they will be separated from it in the end. And let not such flatter themselves, because it is possible for them to be in the threshing-floor along with the grain of God. For they will not be together with that in the barn, but are destined for the fire, which is their due. There are also others of better hope indeed, but nevertheless in no inferior danger. I mean those who now fear God, and mock not the Christian name, neither enter the church of God with an assumed heart, but still look for their felicity in this life, expecting to have more felicity in earthly things than those enjoy who refuse to worship God. And the consequence of this false anticipation is, that when they see some wicked and impious men strongly established and excelling in this worldly prosperity, while they themselves either possess it in a smaller degree or miss it altogether, they are troubled with the thought that they are serving God without reason, and so they readily fall away from the faith.” — Saint Augustine, On the Catechising of the Uninstructed, Chapter 17 paragraph 26. I’ve been listening to this while driving, thanks to the public domain reading by Maria Lectrix.

The prosperity “gospel” seems to come in two forms. Or maybe one underlying heresy presents in different ways. Anywhere, there’s the overt give-to-get pyramid scheme, and the more subtle error in bold above. This prosperity gospel lite may be more dangerous, simply because it’s not being promoted by some crook in a shiny suit.

There’s a federal program called “Secure Communities”

It works about like you would think

This is a damning report if you read it, though I am of course a hateful xenophobic bigot for pointing that out.

It is utterly wrong that the people responsible for the state of affairs that made this murder more likely, will themselves never be held to account. It’s a continuing failure of our society that the voters keep electing to office basically those same people.

UPDATE 4 July 2015: Why the pro-illegal lobby owns Wednesday’s murder in San Francisco, by J.E. Dyer

The Russian social contract

Then the deal was peace in exchange for freedom:

“… The USSR suffered from intense war trauma: the war that had been a subject of idle chatter in the 1930s became a reality when the Soviet Union was attacked from the West by Nazi Germany, which advanced all the way to Moscow and the Volga River; 20 to 30 million classmates, loved ones, and co-workers were killed. Soviet leaders promised their people that this would never happen again. There would be trade-offs: some shortages perhaps and some restrictions, but no one would kill their loved ones and classmates again.

“Peace was part of the post-war, late Soviet-era social contract between the authorities and the people: the population was ready to sacrifice prosperity and even freedom for peace. …” — Ever So Great: The Dangers of Russia’s New Social Contract

The new deal may be greatness in exchange for freedom. That’s more dangerous. The link is from The Pergelator, here.

Science! and Progress!

and progressive scientists

“…the force of these ideas in popular culture — that is, the authority of science, the imperative of progress, and the soundness of [xxxxxx] — conspired to create a social environment that conditioned the people to [xxxxxx]. Had not science instructed us that [xxxxxx]? Were not the leading white progressive clergymen of the era telling us that God smiled on [xxxxxx]? — Ota Benga: Victim of Science & Progress, by Rod Dreher

See how many ways you can fill in the blanks.

UPDATE: New Article Blasts Feds’ ‘Pseudoscientific Methods’ For Establishing Dietary Guidelines.

Most things the government says about food, sex, and religion are either false or were obvious to our great grandparents.

In particular, scientists don’t have any idea what people should eat or aovid, except in extreme cases like “don’t eat sand.” Or rather, they have lots of ideas, but they all turn out to be wrong in a few years.