Weird science

More questions than answers in this:

“A person or persons at the same US Geological Survey Lab in Lakewood, Colorado have been discovered faking scientific results. According to a report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) at the US Department of Interior, the thimblerigging didn’t happen only once or twice, but in many multiple instances and over a long course of time.

“In what appears to be a monumental effort at deception or malfeasance or just plain laziness, between 1996-2008 and again between 2008-2014, somebody or some bodies at the Energy Geochemistry Laboratory purposely gave out wrong results from a mass spectrometer (used to identify the chemical constituents in a sample of material).” — Report: This Government Lab Has Been Faking Data for Years, by William M Briggs


“Home is where, when you go there and tell people to get out, they have to leave.” — Skin Game, by Jim Butcher

Patriotism and religion

“Saint Thomas’s discussion of piety suggests two ways of thinking about patriotism more carefully. First, he discusses the proper relationship between patriotism and religion. Second, he notes that the virtue of piety extends to individuals rather than to a nation as a whole.” — Pious Patriotism, by Br. Anthony VanBerkum, O.P.

Witch hunt versus inquisition

“A witch-hunt is a search for malefactors who pretend to be good people but really are intent on doing evil. There is a witch-hunt going on today, namely the search for secret racists at American universities. The witch-hunters pillory teachers and administrators who claim to hold politically correct views but allegedly betray their secret racism through wicked actions, for instance by correcting bad grammar in minority students’ term papers. Loyal liberals who commit no aggressions are said to be guilty of micro-aggressions.

By contrast, the purge of traditional Christians and Jews is a heretic hunt, an Inquisition, whose objective is to isolate and punish individuals who actually profess opinions contrary to the prevailing orthodoxy. There can be some overlap between an Inquisition and a witch-hunt, to be sure. But today’s liberal Inquisitors are not searching for individuals secretly in communion with God — yet.” — David P. Goldman, reviewing It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies, by Mary Eberstadt

This way to the Swegress

“In fact it is entirely possible that Scotland would find no EU to join after it had taken the trouble to break the shackles with the UK. Should the British exit be followed by a Grexit, Deutschit, Departugal, Italeave, Czheckout, Oustria and Buh-byelgium the best Scotland can do is join France and revive the Auld Alliance.” — Forget the Lifeboat, It’s the Iceberg that Counts, by Richard Fernandez

Here’s the list of member states of the European Union. Be creative.