Planned Parenthood

Vivisection is not something about which reasonable people disagree. You don’t say, “If you don’t like vivisecting, don’t do it.” You can’t say, “My body my choice,” because the “women’s healthcare provider” isn’t cutting out your brain while your heart is still beating. Vivisection is evil and insane, and yet here we are. The abortion supporters are trying to deal with it as a public relations problem. Many of us, I suspect, can hardly bear to think about what happens routinely to maintain “reproductive choice.”

That’s an advantage to Planned Parenthood, that the videos, even when not graphic, when they’re just a couple of ladies talking business over a nice lunch, are so horrific in content that many people are reluctant to talk about them, and don’t even want to know about them. One of the procedures described in the latest video is simply vivisection of a human child. Even if we force ourselves to acknowledge that such things go on, what can we say? How can we argue reasonably with people who think it’s okay as long as the child’s brain isn’t sold above cost? From what common premise can we begin?

Willful ignorance of abortion

It’s telling that this is from today’s Washington Post:

“In the case of the Planned Parenthood expose, while there are legitimate questions around the making and editing of the videos, separate from these issues, stark and undeniable facts emerge from the existing footage: Gone is the illusion that these procedures simply and easily melt away a few microscopic cells, mere “products of conception.” Rather, the statements by Planned Parenthood staff and the processes captured in the videos make clear that — whatever the legal, moral or religious status of the fetuses — these are human bodies, whose organs and limbs are not only recognizable but are medically valuable because they are human.

“Is the shock the public is experiencing at the videos because we have been deceived? Or is it because we have chosen to avert our eyes, to embrace willful ignorance? — Is Cecil the lion more devastating than the Planned Parenthood videos?, by Karen Swallow Prior

It’s telling that this is from today’s Washington Post.

Subversive humor

How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg?

The dog has four legs, because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg. — attributed to Abraham Lincoln


“The problem about the triumphalist, Whiggish view of History upon which many of us were brought up is it indoctrinates its victims with the idea that the Goodies always win; that the winners must therefore have been the Goodies. That this is not so is one of the most important lessons to be learned…” — The Beautiful City: ANZAC, April 25 1915

War, maybe

Measured, proportional response? No.

“Get a real coalition together. Exterminate Islamic State in Libya, with a ruthlessness and thoroughness that would terrify the foes of ancient Rome. Impose order on Libya. Take sides. Shoot until the bad guys stop moving. Sign a paper and take some pictures. Keep a head-busting squad on standby. Recognize that peace doesn’t keep itself, and do what’s necessary instead of complaining about it.

“No, Barack Obama isn’t capable of any of that.” — Now Egypt joins the air fight against Islamic State – in Libya, by J.E. Dyer

Can’t see any of that happening.