Need more diversity

The blogroll, over on the right, is way out of kilter. There are too many Catholics. Just now I added another (Coming Home, by Dr. Gerard M. Nadal, about medical ethics.) I had to pass up a really good one that I wanted to link, because it would have pushed my main blog roll over 25% Roman Catholic. Let me be specific about what I need; hopefully nobody will rat me out to the UN High Commissionaire of Diversity or her deputy in Washington.

Bloggers wanted

  • Episcopal – Buddhists, Sufis, or Reformed Jews please see below
  • Some kind of Baptist – at this point, I’m pretty open
  • Methodist – no atheists or bishops please
  • Greek Orthodox – a humor blog would be especially welcome
  • Lutheran – any synod is fine
  • Reformed – I don’t really understand what that means, but I see the word a lot
  • Non-denominational – I can always use these.
  • Buddhist, Sufi, or Reformed Jew – no Anglicans in this category please

Suggestions for these or others are welcome. I’ll be adding links over the next few days.

UPDATE: I know what I need – a Calvinist. The secular left is always on about Calvinists scheming to impose Theocracy. I need to follow a blog by a full-on Calvinist Dominionist.

What’s the difference…

…between Iran’s state media and the New York Times?

If a feminist burned a Koran at a gay-pride rally outside a fundamentalist Mormon temple on Martin Luther King day, Iran’s state media would blame the Jews. The New York Times would blame Sarah Palin.

What if you knew…

Killing Hitler

Wikihistory, by Desmond Warzel, is a funny bit that will ring true for anyone who has spent too much time online. See what they have to deal with at the “International Association of Time Travelers: Members’ Forum Subforum: Europe – Twentieth Century – Second World War.”