“One of the arguments against hate-speech laws is that once the state starts dividing expression into “allowed” and “prohibited,” the “prohibited” category tends to grow…” Yeah. If we’re having pie, we’re all having pie.

Negative-Yielding Debt Hits Record $15 Trillion on Trade Woes.” Seen here.

“Data-mining reveals that 80% of books published 1924-63 never had their copyrights renewed and are now in the public domain.” Someone right now is wondering how to make it illegal to tell people something is in the public domain. Maybe they can use hate speech laws.

Cory Booker gets it

Merely open borders oppress those who are more distant from the border. If we really want the world’s tired and poor, we must go get them; to Juarez at first; but soon our planes must fly all around the world to the tiredest and poorest, load them up, and bring them to America!

Since it’s a critical issue of social justice, none of the other Democratic candidates can afford to let Senator Booker get to the left of them. Senator Booker has gone to Mexico. Senator Harris can go to Guatemala; Sanders to, say, Namibia. To stay competitive, Elizabeth Warren will need to go to Yemen. The rest of the pack will have to scramble for the tired and poor from Chad, or the Central African Republic.

But, is the donor base prepared to pay for all these flights? Maybe not yet, but give it a few more months and I bet people will be prepared to send all the candidates, to Chad or anywhere else.