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It seems there are sanctions we have not yet imposed on North Korea; indeed, “the largest package of sanctions yet.” (Trump administration to target North Korea with new sanctions on Friday) These will work for sure.

Is it time to give our guns to Hitler? Not for those who have “been trained since kindergarten to avoid correlating the contents of their minds”. You can find a video if you search for “time to give our guns to Hitler,” but it’s just okay; the best thing about it is the title.

Dilbert’s boss gives good advice?


Malice toward half

Economics isn’t the whole story, but What’s Red, Blue, and Broke All Over? America, by Joel Kotkin, is worth reading.

“America’s diverse regions are critical to its ability to out-compete virtually all advanced economies. Great presidents, and effective political parties, recognize this reality. Franklin Roosevelt did not conduct the New Deal just to help New York; he brought jobs, money, and electricity to vast parts of the heartland, the South, and Appalachia. Ronald Reagan’s policies may have shocked New York glitterati, but won over its voters, and helped spark a financial boom that transformed Gotham into one of the great comeback stories of our era. Bill Clinton may have wowed the coastal crowd, but he never forgot where he was from, and created policies that sustained economic growth across much of the country.”

The author thinks we need better political leadership to unite us. I think the bigger problem is that half the nation (or whatever it is that exists between Canada and Mexico) hates the other half. Crazy leftists have come to dominate the Democratic Party, entertainment, big business, and academia. These are committed to the destruction of everything I care about. It’s hard to see what greater good is going to unite them and me.

You can’t just make up a foundational narrative

What’s lacking is a foundational narrative that all of us share. People like David Brooks seem to think that we can discover and articulate a new foundational narrative for America that will resonate. Implicit is the idea that there are lots of foundational narratives; there are not; there is only one: God made us, the world we live in, and everything that exists, from nothing. We screwed it up. He sacrificed enormously to fix it. His son, before we killed him, established the church. There isn’t another foundational narrative, just various more-or-less-obviously-goofy fables, and trivial re-arrangements of deck chairs.

UPDATE 2 January 2018: Another take here, disputing Kotkin’s thesis. Extra points for mentioning the Byzantine Empire. Back then it was Blues against Greens.

And this sign, which is blank,

is something I am forbidden to say.

The latest thing causing college administrators to lose their minds is an eight-by-ten paper poster that says “it’s okay to be white.”

“The episode is indicative of the efforts white-nationalist groups have made to recruit in and around the nation’s college campuses and other mainstream settings with claims of growing white maltreatment and expanding anti-white discrimination.”

What’s next, blank sheets of paper? They’re white; must be a white supremacist hate poster. People could go to rallys carrying blank posters, just like Hitler. The blank bumper sticker would be just like a swastika, and would get your car vandalized. I myself am covered in blank tattoos, so I must be a fascist.

The cafeteria will need to put more raisins in the rice pudding. One must be so careful these days.


I may have discovered a new micro-aggression. As a man, my overcoat is heavier than some. It’s also larger than some, and so takes up more space. The hangers in the closet at work are cheap plastic, so I use two, compounding the offense. All that’s needed is a compelling name.

It’s surprising to see so many liberals and media figures accused of sexual misconduct. A few weeks ago the media turned on Antifa; that surprised me too.

Trolls exist, but not zombies

Just as there are no zombies, there are no nazis. There are people who dress up as zombies. For the same reasons, there are people who dress up as nazis. Maybe in Argentina there are two or three old old men who are nazis, or were nazis once. But except for these, there are no nazis. Contemporary society would be healthier if we limited the dress-up to Halloween. People talk about killing zombies, but they don’t actually go out and assault people because they’re dressed in a deliberately provocative costume and groaning about “brraaains.”

Possibly related, there are several alternatives to “right”.