“Dockless” Should Not Equal “Brainless” — Quasi Renaissance Man

For better or for worse (for worse, in my opinion), the local jurisdictions around here have all started pilot programs for various forms of “dockless” mobility device sharing–bikes (some e-bikes) and e-scooters. The dockless bicycle program seems to be much less popular than the e-scooters, at least based on the numbers I’ve seen. Unlike the […]

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Curcumin for joint pain

For the last few years I’d been having joint pain that, having taken Latin in high school, I felt competent to diagnose as arthritis. Walking was painful, especially after sitting for a long time.

A couple of weeks ago I happened to read something about turmeric, and then the next day there happened to be some turmeric in the mark-down bin at the local grocery. I bought it, then read more about turmeric and one of it’s active components, curcumin. Since then I’ve been mixing up a half teaspoon of ground turmeric with about a quarter teaspoon of black pepper in a glass of V-8 everyday, and have had no more joint pain. The reduction, really the complete elimination of pain, was pretty dramatic and took less than a week.

It sounds like some people respond to turmeric and some don’t. If you have joint pain, it might be worth trying. The black pepper is said to be necessary to metabolize the curcumin, but I haven’t tried it without.

Remember, I’m just a random guy on the internet. Don’t take medical advice from random guys on the internet.