What is there?

Not in reality, but in the view of the US government. What exists “legally?” There is of course the US government. There are individual human beings, as defined by the US government. There are corporations, profit and non-profit, chartered by the US government or another government. There are other sovereign states, like Belgium and China, and maybe the fifty US states. Maybe there are NGOs distinct from non-profit corporations. Maybe groups (nations?) of native Americans are something different. What about organized criminal gangs? Are there some few categories in which US law places every human or group of humans?

What’s new

Lately I’ve been driving a lot, and listening to G.K. Chesterton on audiobooks from Librivox. Maybe I could take up audio podcasting, so fans could listen to me drive, maybe while they drive. Probably there’s already an internet-mediated subculture that’s doing this.

Keepass, which I installed a couple of months ago, seems to work. I’m using the older version, 1.26, which seems to have everything I need and is a bit lighter.

I’ve found that opening the cream cheese on just one side, along the designated seam, then scooping some out with a butter knife works well. Before discovering this new method I’d been pulling loose three sides and completely unwrapping the cheese. That’s the way to go if you’re going to use it all at once as for baking, but just to have some on toast this new way is easier. Still, there may be issues with getting out the last bit toward the end of the package. I’ll keep you posted.