“…he very often laid the foundations of his fortune in a very curious and poetical way, the nature of which I have never fully understood. It consisted in his walking about the street without a hat and going up to another man and saying, “Suppose I have two hundred whales out of the North Sea.” To which the other man replied, “And let us imagine that I am in possession of two thousand elephants’ tusks.” They then exchange, and the first man goes up to a third man and says, “Supposing me to have lately come into the possession of two thousand elephants’ tusks, would you, etc.?” If you play this game well, you become very rich; if you play it badly you have to kill yourself or try your luck at the Bar.” — Eugenics and Other Evils, by G. K. Chesterton

Pale Moon web browser

I’ve installed Pale Moon in place of Firefox, hoping Pale Moon doesn’t impose any political or religious litmus tests. It looks good, and all the extensions work so far.

It must be that what the left really hated about the anti-communist witch-hunts of the 1950s was not that they were witch-hunts, but that they were anti-communist. You can tell because today the Gay Rights Nazis for Tolerance are happy to black-list anyone who disagrees with them, or even anyone who doesn’t cheer with enough enthusiasm.

“In response to Eich’s move, GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said that, ‘Mozilla’s strong statement in favor of equality today reflects where Corporate America is: inclusive, safe and welcoming to all.’”

Well, Mozilla is not quite safe and welcoming to “all,” is it?

Lines in haste

  • People are looking for other browsers, since the Mozilla board reportedly forced out their CEO because he opposed gay
    . The left are enthusiastic for tolerance and diversity, until they get the upper hand. Then, everybody must conform. If Firefox is the PC browser, I’ll find a different browser.
  • I’ll get to this when I can, because I just switched to Windows 8, and (in no way related) the BBC says everyone should change all their passwords right now. It sounds serious.
  • The White House is in trouble because they pay the women on staff less than the men, after having made a huge deal about how bad it is when other people do this. What I don’t get is why? It’s not their money; nobody there has any sense of fiscal responsibility. Why don’t they just give all the women raises?


Or some other guy with the same name

The story goes something like this: incipient Jedi master Noah is tasked with keeping the earth safe from the clutches of the encroaching and exploitative Emperor, Tubal-Cain; Tubal-Cain, aka Avatar’s Colonel Miles Quaritch, seeks to murder Noah and his family (a la Avatar’s Na’vi) and destroy the planet’s animals and resources; the Jedi, aided by Treebeard’s rock-cousins, the Nephilim, build an Ark; Yoda Methuselah helps Noah find his path, and also magically heals infertility; the flood comes; Jedi Noah considers becoming a homicidal maniac. If this sounds like the Bible to you, complete with magical gold-like material that creates energy and rock monsters that contain fallen angels, then this movie is for you. — 9 Problems with Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’, by Ben Shapiro, seen here.