Good thing the Republicans won, huh?

Now what will they do about President Obama’s executive order on immigration?

The Republicans won’t do anything about it, because they’re in favor of it. Oh, they’ll say they oppose it, and they’ll try to gain political advantage out of criticizing it. But really they think it’s just great. They get what they want, they get to blame Obama for it, and they get to run against it in two years. And as a bonus, doing it by executive order establishes a precedent.

Food not pols

It’s blisteringly stupid for the mayor of Fort Lauderdale (Jack Seiler, Democrat, and now National Idiot) to claim it’s illegal to feed people without government permission, and then to arrest people for doing so. I’ll offer anyone a sandwich, or maybe half a sandwich, anytime I want to.

A man could do worse if the only thing he ever did in his life was get sent to jail for feeding the homeless.

Literary Antichrist

I don’t agree with everything at the site (do we need this discalimer? At this point I don’t agree with everything here,) but this is a striking thought:

“I’d like to consider a neglected angle. Let’s begin by distinguishing between a personal Antichrist and a literary Antichrist. Every since the Enlightenment, there have been reconstructions of the “real Jesus.” Reimarus, Strauss, and Renan are three earlier examples.” — For many will come in my name

Maybe it’s like putting an adjective in front of “theology” creates an instant heresy.

Clearing the bookmarks

Here are several that I haven’t managed to read yet: