Terrorism and law enforcement

They weren’t running away.

“It turns out that the media have misunderstood what was going on since the initial attack by the Kouachi brothers and their accomplice on the Charlie Hebdo offices.

“The elusive Kouachis have not been fleeing from the police, in the manner of the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston. They were fighting their way around Paris to the scene of their next attack — and apparently being assisted by others in a terrorist cell.”

It’s not a job for the police, because it’s not law enforcement. We should not be militarizing the police and curtailing civil liberties. That’s fighting the enemy with his own weapons. We should fight the enemy with our weapons.

“In the last century, we have been preparing ourselves to accept sharia, by insisting on centrally supervised uniformity of thought and vision about all public and moral issues. We have forgotten the strength that comes with decentralization, true tolerance, and the moral dignity of the individual.”

“We must cease using our governments to harass people into conformity on disputable matters.”

There are a few other points, and J.E. Dyer’s Paris attack: The West’s time for choosing is well worth reading. The only problem I can see with the authors recommendations is we would need a population of grown-up citizens to implement them.